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Happiness, the elements earth, water, air and fire in connection, to create an object, to enjoy contemplative moments, this sensuality, hands in the earth, the exploration of the character trait of materials, creating shapes and experimenting with colors, patient waiting combined with impatient anticipation, to then marvel at the magic of unpredictability in the game with alchemy when opening the kiln.


Glowing in the dark and eye-catching by day.

Have a look at our luminous creations of handmade, unique pieces in our shop.

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Find in our shop a range of handcrafted, decorative, and exceptional pieces that will bring color and new accents to your space.

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Find your favorite pieces for your everyday life from our lovingly designed collection.

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Our Pottery Studio

The place where we give free rein to our creativity, new ideas get forged, and where we find inspiration and peace.

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